Prepaid Legal Service Plan

Prepaid legal plans come in many different types based on the range of legal coverage they offer. The simplest prepaid plan is made to create the basic legal services easily available to the general population at low price. These types of plans usually cost between $10 and $30 monthly, to be paid before hand. You receive unrestricted toll-free number phone access to an attorney for legal guidance as well as assessment. You may also make short office consultations to talk to your attorney regarding all legal issues you might be experiencing. The attorney may also compose to letters as well as make telephone calls on your behalf. This may assist solve various problems before they worsen even more. Additional services offered are not exceedingly lengthy : the drafting of your will to disperse your possessions after your passing away, evaluation of your trust in addition to other basic legal paper.

In the event you need additional services beyond the span of a basic plan, you then may either pay reductions on standard attorney charges or even pay a premium to upgrade to a more wide-ranging plan.

Posted on 9th January 2013 in General Practice